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The Warrior Plain is a Warrior RP site. You adopt your cat(s) and Roleplay them. They can eat, sleep, hunt, kill, and even have a family. It's a great site.  Enjoy!

Please remember that, if you decide to join, your account is made for you, and you adopt and have kits for new cats. Don't make an account for a cat, but for yourself. [But your account may have a Warrior cat name :)]

***Also very important: For those who wish to register with TWP and are experiencing problems please do the following to successively register: Go to one of the blog posts and leave a comment, along with your e-mail. It should, then, to invite you to join.***  


How To Make A Cat:

First, go to The Adoption Page and adopt a cat. Then you can go ahead and RP, or roleplay it!


 ***This is a list of cats that were adopted and not roleplayed within 48 hours, or cats that have not been played in atleast five days. Owners, please roleplay these cats before May 5th 2012 or they will be put up for adoption, and you will not be the owners anymore.***

Almost Inactive Cat List




Recently Inactive Cats List




Site Stats:

Cat Populations;


Thunderclan: 6

Windclan: 12

Riverclan: 9

Shadowclan: 9



Apprentice Credits;



Rosepaw; 0%




Dawnpaw; 0%




Wolfpaw; 85%

Thrushpaw; 0%




Ghostpaw; 85%

Birchpaw; 20%

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