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 This is the Adoption Center, where you can adopt a cat(s). You may adopt kits, apprentices, warriors, but not elders. Please remember to get permission from an Admin before a she-cat gets pregnant!

Just ask in the chatbox below either to be on the kit adoption list, ask to adopt a cat, or put a cat up for adoption! Do not create a cat in the box below, do it in the Create A Cat box at the end of the page.

A she-cat may have her kits three days after she is diagnosed, or realizes she pregnant. Your she-cat can only have up to four kits.  

If you own both mates, you make keep two of the kits, but if another person owns one mate they choose one and you choose one. 


Pregnant She-cats List: 

Kits Ready To Be Adopted 


 Kit Adoption List 


Cats Up For Adoption:

Thunderclan: None



Riverclan: None 




Windclan: None




Shadowclan: None





Create A Cat

This is where you can create a cat. You can only make three cats from this out of your nine. You cannot create a high rank unless asked.


Cats Needed Still:

TC: 5 warriors, 2 apprentices

WC: 5 warriors, 2 apprentices 

RC:  5 warriors, 2 apprentices

SC:  5 warriors, 2 apprentices


~*~Photos must be at least 260x300 [or close to it] or we will not take them and will choose another! The admins can recommend sites to resize images!~*~ 


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